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TWK Agri was initially established by timber farmers.  The aim was to assist in the marketing of their timber products, mainly Wattle bark and timber.  This has subsequently expanded to also include other species of timber, mainly Eucalyptus and Pine logs as well as a variety of other timber products, not only for TWK’s farmers but for the South African timber industry as a whole.


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TWK owns and operates a world-class woodchip production and export facility in Richards Bay, South Africa, with the capability of producing and exporting 900 000 tons of woodchips per annum.

We have been successfully producing and exporting FSC ® high-quality woodchips for more than 28 years. Our customer base includes some of the largest pulp and paper producers in Japan, China and India.

We produce two woodchip products ideally suited to the production of pulp and paper products:

  • Acacia mearnsii woodchips

  • Mixed eucalyptus woodchips


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TWK is actively involved in different aspects of research to create sustainable forestry not only for ourselves but also for the different suppliers of wood fibre and products.

This is achieved through:

  • Investing in genetically improved material and research in silviculture, harvesting and risk mitigation. With the help of the FABI, where it is represented, TWK is actively involved in research by monitoring forestry diseases and pests. TWK supports research into forestry, undertaken by the ICFR. TWK is also represented on the board of the ICFR.

  • Information service

  • Field days


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We obtain and supply sustainable quality processed and unprocessed timber products to local and international markets and also market timber products on behalf of our suppliers.  

We continually cultivate and develop new and existing markets and/or niche markets for the suppliers of our processed and unprocessed timber products.


Our experts give advice and/or manage harvesting operations, as well as manage a complete range of forest activities.




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TWK Agri manages Forest Stewardship Council ® certified plantations on behalf of property owners nationally and in Africa. It strictly follows successful and sustainable forestry practices to ensure sustainability and responsibility for future generations.

TWK Agri mentors previously disadvantaged timber growers who are beneficiaries of land reform and land redistribution in South Africa.

TWK Agri is a founding member and current member of the Mkondo Fire Protection Association (MFPA) and a founding member and current member of the Mpumalanga Forestry Wildfire Committee (MFWC)


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Shiselweni Forestry Company Ltd – Company Reg. No 99 of 196

Shiselweni Forestry Company (SFC) is a forestry company in Swaziland with wattle, eucalyptus and pine plantations. SFC is a founding member and a current member of the Swaziland Fire Protection Association. SFC plantations are Forest Stewardship Council® certified. Charcoal from SFC is also FSC® certified.

SAWCO Mining Timber Company (Pty) Ltd – Company Reg. No 353 of 1984

SAWCO Mining Timber consists of two multipurpose sawmills in Swaziland. The sawmills manufacture eucalyptus and pine products for the South African and international markets.

STTP SAWCO Treated Timber Products

SAWCO Treated Timber Products has a treated timber plant in Swaziland.


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TWK is actively involved in research for improved genetic wattle and gum material that will not only improve yields but also address the risk that is currently facing forestry regarding pests and diseases. The aim is to increase the genetic base of plant material with the focus on optimum utilisation of the tree to different markets.


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TWK is involved in several collaborative research projects through the ICFR. These include regeneration trials, alternative chemical use, weed control and frost tolerance. TWK is also a member of the TPCP. Through the FABI, TWK also supports private farmers in identifying pests and diseases and the releasing of bio-control agents for different pests.


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TWK Agri promotes the agroforestry principle, which leads to an improved income on forestry land. Beef and goat farming on forestry land is one of the farming activities introduced on plantations.