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TWK Ethics


Ethical standards

TWK, its subsidiaries and their staff are committed to acting with honesty and integrity in the performance of their duties and in their personal conduct, according to the highest moral and ethical standards.

The TWK Code of Ethics is a document in which the operation of our business in a legal and ethically acceptable manner is contained. Each director and employee has committed to the Code of Ethics that requires of the employees and directors to carry out their duties in a fair manner and to act accordingly to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure a reputation of maintaining the integrity and responsible behaviour.

Adequate grievance and disciplinary procedures exist in order to promote and ensure the application of the Code of Ethics.

TWK Tip-Offs Anonymous whistleblowing hotline

To demonstrate this commitment, TWK has made available a free and anonymous ethics line. The service is managed by Deloitte, an independent service provider.

Call the Tip-offs Anonymous® confidential, free hotline with any information you may have regarding fraud, corruption or other workplace dishonesty. 

The TWK Ethical Code

The purpose of TWK’s Ethical Code is to provide a framework for emloyees of the standard of business conduct and ethics that is required of all business divisions, diectors and employees within the TWK group in order to promote and enforce ethical business practices and standards throughout the Group. The TWK Ethical Code can be viewed on the link/attachment below.

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