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BedRock’s Dunnage division strives to deliver Quality. On Time. In Full. BedRock has an experienced team that will cater to all our customers’ dunnage needs. At BedRock we value our customers and focus on doing the right things right and always striving to do sustainable business. With the backing of TWK Agri (Pty) Ltd and all its resources in terms of mills and plantations, BedRock is one of a kind in the South African dunnage market.

Strategically, dunnage fulfils a crucial role in BedRock’s value chain it creates an additional market for timber outside our traditional mining markets. Dunnage has a variety of uses – specifically with shipping and trucking, containers and the steel industry. It is mainly used as hull protection, to lift cargo off the floor and to prevent water from coming into contact with the cargo. Dunnage is also used as a spacer to separate layers of steel/products for easy storing, loading or unloading, and for transporting.

Some of the loyal customers of 10 years or more are Bidfreight Port Operations, Pro Roof, SA Steel Mill and Uni-Span to name a few. With our strategically placed sawmills and that we can combine loads with our mining support products, together with our production and logistics capacity, we take pride in providing our customers with fast, efficient service.

For product enquiries, please contact Clinton Lawrence, Manager: Dunnage on +27(0) 82 784 7839.

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