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TWK History

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Fifty-two members of the Piet Retief Wattle Growers and Timber Association, with a total membership of 114, and owning over 40 000 acres (16 000 ha) of wattle plantations, met with the aim of registering their association as a co-operative in June 1940. The Transvaal Wattle Growers Co-operative Agricultural Company Limited was registered on 21 June 1940.

The primary goal of the co-operative was to promote the marketing of the timber and bark of its members. Although this was a top priority throughout the years, the board of directors soon realised this should not be their only responsibility. Provision should also be made to supply the necessary production materials to its members.

During the 42nd Annual General Meeting in 1982, the name was changed to the Transvaal Wattle Growers Co-operative Limited, abbreviated to TWK.

TWK has progressed over the years and developed into a remarkable company, providing its members and the community with various products and services to supply all their needs.

"Farmers with a common interest and goal – united and co-operative – that is what we are."  (JC (Tol) Veldman, former general manager, 1991.)


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