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TWK Woodchip history

  • TWK has been involved in the production and export of woodchips from South Africa since 1975 when the first shipment of woodchips was exported to Japan through the port of Durban, South Africa.

  • TWK today owns and operates a woodchip production and export facility adjacent to the port of Richards Bay in South Africa.

TWK Richards Bay Woodchip Mill


The Woodchip Mill

  • The mill is located on a 19.5 ha site adjacent to the port of Richards Bay from where the woodchips are transported directly from the chip piles on a 4km conveyor connected to a pneumatic woodchip loader on the berth.



  • Acacia mearnsii (black wattle) woodchips

  • Mixed eucalyptus woodchips

  • Typical Eucalyptus species mix

  • Certification: FSC COC certified

  • FSC Mix

  • FSC controlled wood

Timber Source

  • Timber is sourced from both TWK’s own plantation resources in South Africa and Eswatini  (31 000 ha ) and private growers (120 000 ha)

  • In 2018 TWK commenced with a 25 000 ha greenfield timber plantation expansion project in Eswatini.


Mill Operation

  • Production capacity = 900K gmt per annum

  • Chip storage capacity = 300 000 mt on 2 separate paved chip storage areas

  • Log storage capacity = 10 000 mt

  • Chippers

    • Disc chipper - Carthage 15 knife drop feed

    • Drum re-chipper

  • Screens

    • 3 X vibration screens

  • Chipping rate

    • 2700 t/d

  • Log intake by road and rail

  • Rail siding with 5 lines totalling 5 km

  • Fully equipped Chip QC lab which is capable of analysing chip quality and moisture content in accordance with both SCAN and TAPPI standards

Contamination Prevention Measures

  • Chipping line

    • 1x Metal detector + 1 x electromagnet

  • Export conveyor

    • 3 x electromagnets

    • 2 x metal detectors

Ship loading

  • Richards Bay Port

  • Woodchip berth with pneumatic loader

  • Max draft: 17.5 m

  • Berth length: 260 m

  • Loading rate: 12 000 mt per 24 hr directly from production chip pile to vessel via 4km enclosed conveyor system

  • Stowage and compaction

TWK in summary

  • Sustainable plantation fibre


  • Good road and rail infrastructure for sustained log deliveries

  • World-class production and  export facility

  • Experienced exporter

  • Competitive low-cost fibre

  • Proximity to markets

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