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5 Benefits of Using Treated Poles

Treated poles have been used by utility services and handymen for a variety of purposes over the past few decades and can be purpose specifically prepared and treated. What makes them such a popular choice, and why should you use them? TWK Agri gives you five reasons that will make it clear why you should choose treated poles.

5 Reasons to Use Treated Poles

Whether you want more durability or a reduced carbon footprint, treated poles offer a variety of benefits that make them ideal for a wide variety of projects.

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1. Durability

The main point of treated poles is that they extend the life of the timber from which they are made. Whether treated with creosote or CCA, these poles can last for decades, withstanding the ravages of time and elements and resisting attacks from insects, birds and other animals.

2. Versatility

Do you think that treated poles are only good for utility projects? Think again. Treated poles can be used to build playground equipment, outdoor furniture, patio shades and more. There is barely any construction project for which treated poles cannot offer a solution.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Treated poles are an extremely efficient and budget-friendly solution compared to alternatives such as concrete or steel. They are lighter and cheaper and offer as much durability, providing you with plenty of value for your money.

4. Eco-friendliness

Wood is an extremely eco-friendly solution generally. It requires less energy to produce than aluminium, concrete, steel or plastic and it helps to cut carbon emissions significantly. There is also no risk of the creosote or CCA leaching into the soil.

5. Fire resistance

One of the major risks of using untreated wood is that it can easily cause a fire. Treated poles, on the other hand, significantly reduce the risk of fire. The treatments contain flame-retardant chemicals, making them ideal if you are concerned about fires offering any hazards to your structure.

Learn More About Timber Industry At TWK Agri

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