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TWK Investments becomes first company listed on the CTSE to secondary list on A2X

Tuesday, 23 November 2021: In a first for South Africa, TWK Investments (TWK), which recently listed on the Cape Town Stock Exchange (CTSE), will also list its shares for trade on A2X Markets. The collaboration between these two exchanges means that listed companies, for the first time, will be able to choose how to access both the retail and wholesale markets in South Africa.

The business has been approved for secondary listing on A2X Markets and its shares will be available for trade on A2X from 30 November 2021.

TWK retains its listing on the CTSE and its issued share capital will be unaffected by its secondary listing on A2X. It has a market cap of around R1,4 billion.

TWK is a diversified group of companies operating in the agriculture, forestry, grain, financial services and motor and tyre industries that deliver value-adding products and services to agricultural and related industries. The company operates over a wide geographic area across South Africa and forms a crucial component in the agricultural value chain which includes research, sustainable farming practices and agricultural innovation.

TWK CFO Eddie Fivaz said, “TWK is excited about the opportunity to complement our listing on the CTSE with a listing on A2X. We see this secondary listing as an opportunity to attract potential new investors, grow liquidity in our shares and broaden our shareholder base.”

Kevin Brady, CEO of A2X Markets commented, “TWK’s listing on A2X is an important milestone for the stock exchange industry. Not only does it provide TWK with a platform to access the institutional asset management market but it will be the first cross listing in SA between two alternative exchanges. For the first time, a company looking to list can consider an alternative exchange and gain access to both retail and wholesale markets.” Brady added that TWK is the first company from the agricultural sector to list on A2X.

TWK’s listing on 30 November will bring the number of instruments available for trade on A2X to 57 with a combined market capitalisation of about R5 trillion. TWK joins other well-known companies which have a secondary listing on A2X, including Investec, Naspers, Prosus, Sanlam, Sasol, Aspen Pharmacare, Exxaro, AVI, Mr Price, Growthpoint, Momentum Metropolitan and Tiger Brands.

A2X has listings from many key sectors, including media, property, technology, mining, banking, retail, FMCG, financial services, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications and now agriculture.

A2X is a licensed stock exchange that provides a secondary listing venue for companies. It is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority and the Prudential Authority (SARB) in terms of the Financial Markets Act. A2X began trading in October 2017.

Twitter: @A2X_Markets

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The recent move by TWK Investments to become the first company listed on the CTSE to secondary list on A2X marks a significant stride in the financial landscape. This development mirrors our commitment at DTS to pioneering solutions and embracing advancements. Similar to how TWK Investments strategically expands its listing horizons, we, too, aim to support our clients by tailoring technology solutions to their unique needs. The dynamism of the financial market, combined with innovative technology solutions, creates an environment where businesses can thrive. It's a testament to the ever-evolving synergy between finance and technology, and we look forward to contributing to such transformative journeys in the years to come.


Good day my name is Ronald Pingo as I was browsing your website I did notice your company is not well presented in the Limpopo ?? currently entities like VKB,Obaro and recently Kaap agri are having a free reign in all matters regarding Agriculture ...maybe time for a new role player ??? just my thought

Ronald Pingo


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