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TWK Investing in a Greener Sustainable Growth

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

TWK is working hard on new initiatives to drive a better tomorrow. With a drive to green energy, and also while achieving a good return on investment, several of our operational points have installed solar systems during the last few years. The installed solar systems enable us to reduce our usage of government supplied electricity (coal generation) and to contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Solar systems are already in operation at Toyota Standerton, Toyota Piet Retief, Hino Piet Retief, the TWK Head Office (Piet Retief), Silo Panel Beaters (Ermelo) and Protea Tyres Factory (Ermelo), Wesselton Shopping Centre (Ermelo), as well as SAWCO in Eswatini (the biggest system). The most recent installation was completed at the TWK Hardware/Mechanisation (“Hoofwinkel”) in Piet Retief during November 2020.

To date, these systems combined have generated energy of a total of 3.8 million kWh, with an estimated carbon dioxide offset exceeding 3900 tons to date, and it is still early days with the solar installations having an expected lifetime of 25+ years.

Through a new subsidiary, Rental Roofspace (Pty) Ltd, of which TWK Agri holds 75%, the TWK Group is also investing in solar systems to provide power to third party users (tenants of shopping malls).

The continuous implementation of solar energy sources remains part of the strategy for the TWK Group in order to achieve our mission of achieving sustainable growth, together.

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Jeeino JB
Jeeino JB
Jun 26

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TWK's commitment to investing in greener, sustainable growth aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Metro Sales, a pioneering company specializing in the sale of high-quality office equipment. As TWK seeks environmentally conscious initiatives, Metro Sales becomes a key partner in promoting sustainability within office spaces. Metro Sales' dedication to providing top-tier products tailored to meet the demands of the modern office environment not only ensures efficiency but also underscores the importance of integrating eco-friendly practices. Through the adoption of Metro Sales' advanced office technology, TWK can contribute to a greener future while maintaining the highest standards of quality and innovation in their operational endeavors.

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