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With the increasing demand for reliable payroll services, we decided to offer our clients professional, quick and quality payroll, tax and cashless cards services.

Our friendly and qualified personnel are available to assist in any aspect of your payroll needs.

We provide affordable packages, tailor-made products and excellent service.

TWK Cashless Cards:

TWK Cashless cards provide a simplified solution to pay employees without bank accounts, to create a safe cashless environment.

  • Prepaid debit cards;

  • Instant card replacements;

  • Anytime payments;

  • Specialist support.

Additional Services:

  • Basic employment contracts

  • WCA assistance and reporting

  • Employment equity reports

  • Statutory posters BCEA, EE and LRA

  • Obtaining income tax numbers for employees

  • Assistance with personal tax returns

  • Separate executive management payroll

By making use of our service, clients will automatically enjoy the following benefits:

Cost savings:

  • Employment tax incentive

  • Lower bank transaction costs

  • Accurate leave management

  • No software costs or annual fees


The client will be responsible for:

  • Collecting data and forwarding to TWK

  • Confirming reports and statutory payments

  • Making payments with an electronic bank file 


TWK payroll services will also take responsibility for the following:

  • Preparing electronic tax certificates

  • Preparing IRP5 and IT3 certificates

  • Preparing and reviewing the E@syfile import file for mid- and end-of-tax-year processes

  • Keeping up to date and in line with statutory requirements

  • Data back-up and safekeeping

  • Records to be kept by TWK for five years


Comply with Legal Requirements:

  • Sections 31, 32, 33 and 35 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 75 of 1997

  • Unemployment Insurance Amendment Act, 32 of 2003

  • PAYE statutory regulations

  • Income Tax Act, 58 of 1962


Legal and Best-Practice Principles:

  • It is a requirement that all earnings and monetary benefits (either in cash or in-kind) that an employee may receive must be processed through the payroll.

  • We are obliged to conduct payroll outsourcing on your behalf in a transparent and auditable way. 

  • As your outsourced payroll provider, we may be requested by the South African authorities to complete certain remuneration-related questionnaires on your behalf.  If and when requested to do so, the questionnaires will be completed accurately and truthfully.


 TWK is an authorised credit provider: NCRCP2299

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