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Brand Management

Image by Balázs Kétyi
Image by Austin Distel

The corporate marketing department consists of talented and hardworking employees that promote the TWK brand and offer innovative services to the TWK group, as well as to the public. 

Part of TWK’s mission is to add value to the communities in which we operate, and this department ensures that effective communication exists between stakeholders and TWK.

To apply for sponsorships/donations or relevant assistance please follow the link below.

Internal responsibilities of Corporate Marketing include:

  • Project management;

  • Promoting company strategies;

  • Inventory management and 

  • Managing advertising campaigns. 


For any queries or assistance please contact the marketing manager on

Internal responsibilities of Corporate Communication include:

  • Social media management;

  • Photography and videography; 

  • Design and corporate identity management;

  • Liaising internal communication and


For any queries or assistance please contact the communications officer at

Radius, the quarterly publication of TWK, is an agriculture-related magazine filled with relevant and insightful content for the whole family. The Radius is available in digital and hard-copy format and is distributed to readers free of charge. For more information follow the @Radius link or contact the editor on

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