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TWK Human Resources

The purpose of the Human Resources and Industrial Relations department is to maintain a fair, equitable, and positive work environment for all employees, in support of the vision and mission of the TWK Group of companies.

Our services are based upon the belief that the success of the TWK Group, and its ultimate value, is primarily dependent upon its people, and that the development of the greatest potential for each employee will create job satisfaction and career opportunities for individuals and provide maximum benefit to the group.

The TWK Group is also proud to be an active participant in the South African and Swaziland labour markets, creating new jobs and increasing the skills pool particularly for the sectors

in which it operates.

In addition, TWK has ongoing education and training initiatives aimed at multi-skilling employees at all levels, that ensures real skills transfer and capacity building throughout the organisation. This approach underscores TWK's commitment to providing not merely jobs, but careers for its employees.

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