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Health and Safety

The TWK Group is committed to protecting its employees, visitors and those who work on its behalf, as well as the company's physical and financial assets.

We believe that health and safety management is an integral part of good management practices and that accidents, ill-health and losses can be prevented through:

  • Adopting a formal approach to identifying hazards associated with our operations;

  • Assessing risks and implementing controls to prevent injury, loss and ill health;

  • Complying with legal and other requirements applicable to our operations;

  • Training of employees, contractors and visitors in order to improve health and safety in the workplace;

  • Making health and safety an integral part of our day-to-day business by regular health and safety meetings;

  • Reviewing our health and safety management systems on a regular basis to ensure continual improvement and

  • Conducting regular audits to ensure compliance with policies, company and industry standards and applicable laws and regulations.

All employees and contractors are expected to play an active role in promoting the general advancement of health and safety at the workplace by adhering to policies and supporting health and safety representatives and management.

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