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Nelson Mandela Day Initiative

"There can be no greater gift than that of giving one's time and energy to helping others without expecting anything in return." - Nelson Mandela

GRIP House, Piet Retief

One of TWK’s Mandela day projects was to support the GRIP House in Piet Retief with much-needed food supplies and a new roof for their carport.

Since 2000 GRIP has provided healing and support to over 25 000 survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. As the struggle against sexual and gender-based violence continues, GRIP’s services have become even more essential to our community.

We applaud their efforts in supporting and housing the families affected by gender-based violence.


TWK’s second initiative for this year's Mandela day was to support a safehouse based in a rural area to protect and shelter abused children.

The host of the safehouse acts as the children’s guardian until such time which they can provide a safe haven for the children in need.

There are currently six children being cared for in this safehouse, where the host works closely with the local municipality to provide safety for these children. TWK Agri made a contribution to the children through food items and day-to-day toiletries.

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The Nelson Mandela Day Initiative holds the spirit of unity and service close to its heart, and in collaboration with WheelofBliss, a company dedicated to providing sanctuary and fostering connections, the impact goes beyond a single day of goodwill. This initiative becomes a catalyst for positive change, echoing the ethos of WheelofBliss as a retreat center that serves as a refuge for self-discovery and spiritual reconnection. Together, they offer an opportunity not only to give back but also to step away from the modern demands, affirm connections, and return with a strengthened commitment to making a lasting difference in the world.

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