Silo Services

TWK Silo Services not only strives for top-quality service and standards, but also strive to deliver a unique service that meets each client’s requirements.


  • Drying and sifting of grain (SB, YM, WM and BP)
  • Aeration
  • Gristings
  • Fumigation
  • Grading done by trained qualified graders
  • Grain receiving

  • Storage of mealies and soya beans
  • Offloading
  • Weighing
  • Electronic silo certificates
  • Weighing of livestock, timber, etc.

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Silo Information:  Mkondo & Panbult

DescriptionMkondo SiloPanbult SiloRietspruit Bunker
StaffLeon PutterLouis PutterJames de Beer
Telephone Number017 826 2170071 659 1849076 790 6870
Cell Number082 951 0771 082 776 3121
Facsimile Number017 826 2189017 820 0313
GPS CoordinatesS27˚06'00.73“S26˚48'30.96“S26˚
Weighbridge Capacity Road60 tons60 tons60 tons
Off-loading Capacity120 ton/hour150 ton/hour
Safex Number561956232669319
Branch Number412411414
Capacity50 000 tons55 000 tons40 000 tons
Unloading Capacity120 ton/hour150 ton/hour
Drying Capacity30T per hour depending on percentage of moisture30T per hour depending on  percentage of moisture