TWK Investments Ltd.

TWK Investments Ltd.

Trading Procedure

The trading of TWK Investments Ltd shares commenced on the ZAR X exchange on 12 June 2017.

Pre-listing Trade History

Prior to listing on ZAR X, TWK Investments Ltd. shares traded on an over-the-counter share trading platform.

The chart below shows the trading history of TWK Investments Ltd. shares since commencement up to the point of listing.

Financial Highlights
Year Basic Earnings per Share (R) Net Asset Value (R) Dividend (R)*
2015 2.22 23.43 0.35
2016 3.29 26.43 0.44
2017 3.67 33.06 0.60

*Dividend declared and paid post 31 August year-end


For any queries, please contact:

Chantel van Rensburg 017 824 1587
Tinus Potgieter 017 824 1014