Directors & Management


R.L. Meyer (Chairman), J.S. Stapelberg (Vice Chairman), A.S. Myburgh (Managing Director), J.E.W Fivaz (Financial Director), C.A du Toit, H.J.K. Ferreira, T.I. Ferreira, A.C. Hiestermann, H.W. Küsel and J.C.N. Wartington.



A.S. Myburgh (Managing Director), J.E.W. Fivaz (Chief Financial Officer), F.J. Brauckmann (Chief Executive Manager: Timber), L.C. Coetzer (Chief Executive Manager: Trade), G.S. Grobler (Chief Executive Manager: Financial Services), M.J. Potgieter (Executive Manager: Business Development / Group Company Secretary), B. de Klerk (Chief Executive Manager: Grain), J.F.C. Byleveldt (Managing Director: TWK Motors), W.C. Janse van Rensburg (Managing Director: Protea Tyres) and W.J. van Zyl (Executive Manager: Corporate Services).